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Lasse Lind


Lasse Lind

Architect & Partner, 3XN/GXN

Lasse Lind is an architect and partner with GXN, 3XN’s sister innovation company. GXN, led the design of Circle House, which is Denmark’s first circular social housing project – 90 percent of its building materials are intended for future re-use. GXN also collaborated on the recently completed  CIRCuiT project. Lasse has led several of the company’s significant research and construction projects.

Lasse has a deep knowledge of low carbon and circular design, and as part of the board of sustainability for the Danish Association of Architectural Firms he works to bring citizens, politicians and businesses together to enhance sustainable impact throughout the industry.

Lasse is a sought-after teacher and lecturer and has written several articles and contributed to books on environmental design and new materials in architecture and design.