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Report 14th October 2021

Towards an Australian social housing best practice asset management framework

Andrea Sharam, Sean McNelis, Hyunbum Cho, Callum Logan, Terry Burke, Peter Rossini

This research examines social housing asset management (AM) in Australia and develops a best practice framework that outlines AM processes and criteria for making decisions; reflects the unique aspects of social housing; is flexible enough to be used by different types of social housing providers; provides metrics to drive organisational excellence; and provides the basis for national regulation and policymaking.

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Report 7th May 2020

Australian home ownership: past reflections, future directions

Terry Burke, Christian Nygaard, Liss Ralston

This research examines the growth of home ownership and its tenure dominance in Australia post World War II. It builds a statistical analysis of Australian ownership trends, most notably for younger households (ages 25–34 and 35–44), over the last four decades and presents a comparative analysis of ownership trends for equivalent countries.

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