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Report 30th May 2019

The changing geography of homelessness: a spatial analysis from 2001 to 2016

Sharon Parkinson, Deb Batterham, Margaret Reynolds, Gavin Wood

This research examines the changing geography of homelessness. It outlines the extent to which homelessness is becoming more spatially concentrated over time; where it is rising and falling; and the importance that housing affordability, poverty and labour market opportunities play in reshaping its distribution.

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Report 25th July 2017

Australian demographic trends and implications for housing assistance programs

Gavin Wood, Melek Cigdem, Rachel Ong

The study forecasted future expenditure on housing assistance programs; the additional outlays on ISPs due to asset test concessions to home owners; and the aggregate value of home owner tax subsidies. These three housing subsidy components are estimated to increase from $25 billion in 2011 to $32.8 billion in 2031.

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Report 18th May 2017

Housing supply responsiveness in Australia: distribution, drivers and institutional settings

Rachel Ong, Tony Dalton, Nicole Gurran, Christopher Phelps, Steven Rowley, Gavin Wood

This study investigated the key drivers of Australian housing supply responsiveness; including price, topographical constraints, climate, existing land uses and planning regulations; and considered policy development options to improve the scale and speed of new housing supply responses.

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