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Report 2nd March 2022

‘What works’ to sustain Indigenous tenancies in Australia

Megan Moskos, Linda Isherwood, Michael Dockery, Emma Baker, Ngoc Thien Anh Pham

This research examined the characteristics of successful tenancies for Indigenous people to understand ‘what works’ for securing successful housing outcomes. It explored the successful initiatives in sustaining tenancies for Indigenous people and what particular elements contribute to this success, including for different types of housing—private and social housing, and across different locations—urban, rural and remote.

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Report 14th May 2008

The implications of loss of a partner for older private renters

Gavin Wood, Chris Chamberlain, Alperhan Babacan, Michael Dockery, Grant Cullen, Greg Costello, Christian Nygaard, Alice Stoakes, Marc Adam, Kate Moloney

This report aims to examine the effects of divorce, separation or bereavement on the housing and related financial circumstances of people aged 50 or over in different housing tenures, and in particular those on income support payments.

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