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Report 4th November 2021

Sustainable Indigenous housing in regional and remote Australia

Tess Lea, Liam Grealy, Megan Moskos, Arianna Brambilla, Stephanie King, Daphne Habibis, Richard Benedict, Peter Phibbs, Chao Sun, Paul Torzillo

This research explores what is required for sustainable Indigenous housing in regional and remote Australia to deliver positive health and wellbeing outcomes for householders, so that housing stock is maintained at high levels over time and is designed with climate change challenges in mind. 

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Report 1st October 2017

How can Aboriginal housing in NSW and the Aboriginal Housing Office provide the best opportunity for Aboriginal people?

Nicola Brackertz, Jim Davison, Alex Wilkinson

The purpose of this Issues Paper is to support the NSW Aboriginal Housing Office (AHO) in developing a new 10-year strategic plan and in outlining a vision for the Aboriginal Community Housing Sector (ACHS). The central research question is: How can housing in NSW provide the best opportunity for Aboriginal people?

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Report 21st December 2016

Safe and sound? How funding mix affects homelessness support for Indigenous Australians

Angela Spinney, Daphne Habibis, Sean McNelis

This research examines the extent to which the needs of homeless and at-risk Indigenous Australians are being met. It is part of the research program in the AHURI Inquiry into the funding of homelessness services in Australia, which aims to understand the mix of government and non-government funding and how the funding of services that support people who are experiencing homelessness influences service provision and outcomes for those people. 

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