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Report 26th March 2021

Urban productivity and affordable rental housing supply in Australian cities and regions

Nicole Gurran, Kath Hulse, Jago Dodson, Madeleine Pill, Robyn Dowling, Margaret Reynolds, Sophia Maalsen

This research examines the relationships between urban productivity and affordable rental housing, focusing particularly on the location and availability of affordable rental housing relative to employment and labour markets in capital cities and satellite cities. Lower income (Q2) workers who play critical roles in urban economies are more likely to experience housing stress (exceeding 30% of their income on housing costs) in these markets. 

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Report 11th December 2019

The supply of affordable private rental housing in Australian cities: short-term and longer-term changes

Kath Hulse, Margaret Reynolds, Christian Nygaard, Sharon Parkinson, Judith Yates

This research charts the changes in the supply of affordable—and affordable and available—private rental housing for lower income households between 2011 and 2016. The research is the latest in a series of projects detailing changes in affordable rental housing supply every five years since 1996 using Census data.

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