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Report 4th November 2021

Sustainable Indigenous housing in regional and remote Australia

Tess Lea, Liam Grealy, Megan Moskos, Arianna Brambilla, Stephanie King, Daphne Habibis, Richard Benedict, Peter Phibbs, Chao Sun, Paul Torzillo

This research explores what is required for sustainable Indigenous housing in regional and remote Australia to deliver positive health and wellbeing outcomes for householders, so that housing stock is maintained at high levels over time and is designed with climate change challenges in mind. 

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Report 4th December 2020

Rental Insights: A COVID-19 Collection

Emma Baker, Lyrian Daniels, Hal Pawson, Michelle Baddeley, Akshay Vij, Mark Stephens, Peter Phibbs, Amy Clair, Andrew Beer, Emma Power, Rebecca Bentley, Carol T. Kulik, Ruchi Sinha, Wendy Stone, Joel Dignam, Kerry London, Steven Rowley, Kath Hulse, Christian A. Nygaard, Heather Holst, Chris Leishman, Dallas Rogers, Keith Jacobs, Andrew Beer, Rebecca Bentley

This Collection offers insights from twenty of Australia’s leader academics and thinkers into the survey results of 15,000 Australian rental households.

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Report 1st December 2020

Marginal housing during COVID-19

Caitlin Buckle, Nicole Gurran, Peter Phibbs, Patrick Harris, Tess Lea, Rashi Shrivastava

This research examines the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on marginal and informal housing and short-term rental (STR) accommodation to establish any health and housing risks, and investigate any changes to the demand and supply of informal and STR housing during COVID-19.

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Report 15th July 2020

Strategic planning, ‘city deals’ and affordable housing

Madeleine Pill, Nicole Gurran, Catherine Gilbert, Peter Phibbs

This research examines international and Australian practice in using place-based planning and funding interventions (i.e. they are targeted at specific areas or regions such as at a particular city or geographical area), such as ‘city deals’, to deliver affordable rental housing near employment centres and to enhance urban productivity. 

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Report 29th May 2018

Inquiry into increasing affordable housing supply: Evidence-based principles and strategies for Australian policy and practice

Nicole Gurran, Steven Rowley, Vivienne Milligan, Bill Randolph, Peter Phibbs, Catherine Gilbert, Amity James, Laurence Troy, Ryan van den Nouwelant

This Inquiry examined how governments have sought to increase the supply of affordable housing across the continuum of housing needs (i.e. from social housing to affordable rental and home ownership), and the implications for transferring policy and practice to different jurisdictions and market contexts.

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