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brief 22nd November 2022

Can welfare reform really give consumers housing choice?

In countries such as the UK, the USA and Denmark there have been moves towards more individualised packages of support for people who require assistance due to older age, disabilities, homelessness, health issues and a range of other vulnerabilities. The aims are to give people greater control over their own lives; promote personal responsibility; develop a diverse range of services which can meet needs in a more customised way; diversify service provision through the involvement of a range of private and not-for-profit providers; and make government assistance more cost-effective.

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brief 8th June 2022

What is the role of the RBA in relation to housing?

Against the backdrop of the first back-to-back rise in interest rates for 12 years, and further rate rises forecast for the remainder of 2022, this AHURI Brief explains the role of Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) – the independent central bank with responsibility monetary policy in Australia.

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brief 27th April 2022

Does social housing asset management matter?

Recent AHURI research identifies asset management ‘as a whole-of-life process underpinned by a strategic plan with clearly defined objectives and performance measures’. This AHURI Brief aims to improve our understanding of asset management practices in Australia.

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