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Image - brief 1st December 2022 in Briefs

Improving CRA could help older tenants in the private rental market

Life course changes associated with older age such as widowhood, disability and frailty suggest a need for a range of rental housing options. These include a private rental sector (PRS) that can support older tenants living in the general community, as well as options such as communal self-contained living spaces that provide some level of companionship, practical support and assistance with daily living, through to facilities that combine health care, personal care and accommodation.

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Renting in Australia 29th November 2022 in News

AHURI conference explores challenges and opportunities for renting in Australia

The AHURI one day conference ‘Renting in Australia: Challenges and Reforms’ explored a range of factors shaping Australia’s private rental market, including data mapping Australian renters’ changing concerns throughout the pandemic, the short term dynamism of the private rental market, and a laying to rest of fears that rental regulation deters landlords from investing in private rental; and the future of renting in Australia with the rise of a new type of landlord in the form of Build to Rent.

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