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Image - brief 3rd October 2022 in Briefs

What is a sustaining tenancies program?

Sustaining tenancy programs assist tenants who are at risk of losing their rental accommodation to stay in their homes and therefore ‘avoid eviction and entry into homelessness.’ Tenant support programs may also help some tenants at the beginning of their tenancy by supporting formerly homeless people enter and sustain a new rental tenancy. 

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Image - News 15th September 2022 in News

Does building high-quality housing make older properties more affordable?

Filtering is a process whereby the building of new, higher quality dwellings for higher- and middle income households may result in additional supply of dwellings for lower-income households. Theoretically, as properties age and their perceived quality drops, over time they trickle down through successively lower market segments, ultimately becoming a supply of ‘naturally occurring affordable housing’.

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