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news 29th June 2023 in news

Circular Economy thinking in Australia’s housing industry could cut greenhouse gas emissions

As the construction sector produces about 18 per cent of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions, coming up with an overarching strategy that will reduce this impact is vital. A new AHURI Inquiry final report, Informing a strategy for circular economy housing in Australia, brings together a wealth of information needed to build an effective and efficient circular economy (CE) for the Australian housing industry: from construction, through operation to demolition and recycling of used building materials.

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news 23rd June 2023 in news

Federal Government announces Social Housing Accelerator

The recently announced Social Housing Accelerator is designed to rapidly fund new social housing supply, providing $2 Billion in funding to states and territories, intended as a bridge until the Housing Australia Future Fund (HAFF) proceeds begin to be realised.

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