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news 8th June 2023 in news

Consumer demand for sustainable apartments not being met

Australian developers of apartment buildings need to build sustainable buildings that appeal to the demands of a wider variety of longer term buyers, including owner occupiers, ‘Build-to-rent’ investors and social housing providers, new AHURI research has found.

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news 29th May 2023 in news

AHURI on board with new Urban Policy Forum

The Forum, comprising experts from a range of policy, planning and building professions, was announced in the 2023–24 Federal Budget to assist the Government to develop a comprehensive National Urban Policy and to deliver expertise into the formulation of cities and urban policy.

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news 26th May 2023 in news

COVID-19 fallout continues to affect housing markets

“Australia will be dealing with the impact of COVID-19 on its housing markets for some time as increased construction costs and a reduced appetite for risk impede new housing supply,” says Professor Steven Rowley, lead author of new AHURI research released today. 

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news 18th May 2023 in news

Falling interest rates locked first home buyers out of the market

The study, ‘Financing first home ownership: modelling policy impacts at market and individual levels’, undertaken for AHURI by researchers from Curtin University, University of Sydney and RMIT University, modelled the relationships between different housing finance conditions and people’s ability to buy their first home.

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