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Developing an Australian Social Housing Advanced Asset Management (ASHAAM) framework

This research will investigate Australian social housing asset management practices and develop a Social Housing Advanced Asset Management (SHAAM) framework suitable for Australian social housing managers.
Advanced Asset Management (AAM) involves each organisation determining what it considers value to be, and choosing how to manage its assets to derive best total value. This understanding denotes a shift from asset management practices informed by an assumed singular focus on profit maximisation to a recognition of the needs of non-profit organisations whose missions require non-financial returns, and increasingly for-profit entities who embrace triple bottom line objectives. AAM involves all stages of the lifecycle of assets, including acquisition, maintenance, upgrade and disposal of assets. 

An Australian SHAAM framework must take account of the specific and unique attributes social housing provision and the specific and unique features of providers and their respective sectors (Community Housing, Indigenous Housing and Public Housing). 

The lack of a common AAM framework is a barrier to public housing stock transfer and management contracts and tendering of provision of new housing; increases the costs of financing for social housing providers; and also increases the cost of regulation as regulators must be familiar with each organisation’s idiosyncratic approach.

The research will undertake a literature review to establish asset management best practice and its status within social housing; workshops with asset and social policy managers of community housing providers (CHPs) and Indigenous housing organisations (IHOs); and surveys and interviews with state housing authorities (SHAs), CHPs IHOs and housing regulators.

Lead Researcher: Dr Andrea Sharam, RMIT University

Project Number: 53240

The project is now complete.

You can download the completed project here