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Report 27th September 2013

Housing conditionality, Indigenous lifeworlds and policy outcomes: towards a model for culturally responsive housing provision

Daphne Habibis, Paul Memmott, Rhonda Phillips, Carroll Go-Sam, Cathy Keys, Mark Moran

This report analyses how the intersection between Indigenous and mainstream norms, values, expectations and behaviours influence the successes and failures of welfare conditionality in its goal of supporting positive housing outcomes for Indigenous people.

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Report 25th November 2009

Indigenous home ownership on communal title lands

Paul Memmott, Mark Moran, Christina Birdsall-Jones, Shaneen Fantin, Angela Kreutz, Jenine Godwin, Anne Burgess, Linda Thomson, Lee Sheppard

This study investigates the applicability of home ownership to Indigenous people living on communal title lands. The research examines the capacity for Indigenous people to enter this tenure, and whether there is an aspiration to do so.

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