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Report 15th September 2022

Filtering as a source of low-income housing in Australia: conceptualisation and testing

Christian Nygaard, Ryan van den Nouwelant, Stephen Glackin, Chris Martin, Alistair Sisson

This study investigated how filtering contributes to market-provided low-income housing in Australia. It critiques the conceptualisation of filtering as a source of housing for low-income households, tests for the presence of filtering dynamics in housing markets (using Melbourne and Sydney as case studies) and considers policy options for enhancing (if so desired) filtering as a policy tool.

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Report 15th July 2021

Evaluation and learning in public housing urban renewal

Christian Nygaard, Simon Pinnegar, Elizabeth Taylor, Iris Levin, Rachel Maguire

This research analyses how evaluation of public housing renewal is informing policy development and delivery so as to maximise financial returns and socio-economic outcomes, and seeks to understand how key public policies, such as mixed-tenure development, can enable both social and economic returns.

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Report 7th May 2020

Australian home ownership: past reflections, future directions

Terry Burke, Christian Nygaard, Liss Ralston

This research examines the growth of home ownership and its tenure dominance in Australia post World War II. It builds a statistical analysis of Australian ownership trends, most notably for younger households (ages 25–34 and 35–44), over the last four decades and presents a comparative analysis of ownership trends for equivalent countries.

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Report 11th December 2019

The supply of affordable private rental housing in Australian cities: short-term and longer-term changes

Kath Hulse, Margaret Reynolds, Christian Nygaard, Sharon Parkinson, Judith Yates

This research charts the changes in the supply of affordable—and affordable and available—private rental housing for lower income households between 2011 and 2016. The research is the latest in a series of projects detailing changes in affordable rental housing supply every five years since 1996 using Census data.

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Report 14th May 2008

The implications of loss of a partner for older private renters

Gavin Wood, Chris Chamberlain, Alperhan Babacan, Michael Dockery, Grant Cullen, Greg Costello, Christian Nygaard, Alice Stoakes, Marc Adam, Kate Moloney

This report aims to examine the effects of divorce, separation or bereavement on the housing and related financial circumstances of people aged 50 or over in different housing tenures, and in particular those on income support payments.

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