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Report 17th September 2020

The housing aspirations of Australians across the life-course: closing the ‘housing aspirations gap’

Wendy Stone, Steven Rowley, Sharon Parkinson, Amity James, Angela Spinney

This research Inquiry explores the generational specific housing aspirations and aspirations gaps for Australian young adults (18–34 years), mid-life (35–54 years) and later life (55 years and older) cohorts. ‘Housing aspirations’ are the desires households have in relation to their housing outcomes; a ‘housing aspirations gap’ is the difference between current housing circumstances and desired housing outcomes.

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Report 16th April 2020

Redesign of a homelessness service system for young people

David MacKenzie, Tammy Hand, Carole Zufferey, Sean McNelis, Angela Spinney, Deirdre Tedmanson

This research identifies measures that could reduce youth homelessness and lead to improved outcomes for young people who experience homelessness. It is based on an analysis of special homelessness services (SHS) data in three states: South Australia, NSW and Victoria. 

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