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brief 7th November 2022

Helping people experiencing mental health issues to live in their own homes.

Enabling people who are experiencing or have experienced a severe mental health disorder to access or remain in private housing is a benefit for all the community. However, research finds that only 27 per cent of people with a mental illness own or are buying their own home, which compares poorly with 70 per cent of the general Australian population who own or are buying their own home.

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brief 4th November 2022

What is a mental ill health issue and how it affects housing

Every year, 1 in 5 adult (around 20%) Australians are estimated to experience mental ill health (equating to about 5 million Australians in 2020-21). AIHW data reveals that 4.5 million patients (17.7% of the Australian population) filled a prescription for a mental health-related medication in 2020–21.

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