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brief 21st March 2024 in brief

Empowering Indigenous communities to reduce homelessness is key to Closing the Gap

Every dimension of ‘Closing the Gap’—whether improving equality with non-Indigenous Australians in health, education or family outcomes—relies on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people having access to appropriate and affordable housing that is aligned with their priorities and needs. 
On Close the Gap Day 2024, this AHURI Brief highlights approaches that can empower Aboriginal communities and reduce homelessness. 

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brief 7th March 2024 in brief

What are the real costs of Australia’s housing crisis for women?

As Australian governments work to resolve a housing crisis that has been slowly building over decades, we ask, what is our crisis of unaffordable housing costing us as a nation? On International Women’s Day 2024, this updated AHURI Brief explores what the housing crisis is costing Australian women.
While there is currently no comprehensive approach to understanding gender and its role in housing, what we do know is sobering.

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brief 14th November 2023 in brief

The tax reforms no one wants to talk about

There is a strong need to reform Australia’s tax system so as to repair the imbalance between the financial buying ability of home buyers versus property investors; but despite numerous reviews and extensive commentary, the political landscape over recent years has not enabled meaningful reforms. So how do we make it happen?

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