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brief 8th June 2022

What is the role of the RBA in relation to housing?

Against the backdrop of the first back-to-back rise in interest rates for 12 years, and further rate rises forecast for the remainder of 2022, this AHURI Brief explains the role of Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) – the independent central bank with responsibility monetary policy in Australia.

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brief 18th May 2022

Understanding downsizing

With government policies and election promises seeking to promote downsizing amongst older Australians, it is important to understand just what it entails. Downsizing is the process by which a household moves from one dwelling to another that may be either smaller in size or of lower value, or both. The concept of downsizing is usually applied to older Australians when they move prior to or during their retirement.

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brief 2nd May 2022

What is a shared equity scheme?

As part of their policies’ platform for the 2022 Federal election, the Australian Labor Party has announced a shared equity scheme, capped at 10,000 households, where the Commonwealth Government would partner with eligible lower to mid income home buyers to buy between 30 and 40 per cent of the to-be-bought property.

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