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news 12th October 2022

AHURI evaluates NSW Homelessness Industry and Workforce Development Strategy in NSW

Homelessness NSW has released its evaluation of the Homelessness Industry and Workforce Development Strategy 2017-2020, undertaken by AHURI’S Professional Services team. The evaluation has five key components: ‘Did the Strategy achieve its goals?’; ‘Did training and workforce development meet sector needs?’; ‘Are organisations across the NSW Homelessness Industry sustainable?’; ‘What needs to happen in the next Strategy?’; and ‘How competent are services in serving Aboriginal clients and communities?’

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news 7th October 2022

Productivity Commission releases extensive review of the National Housing and Homelessness Agreement (NHHA)

The Productivity Commission’s newly released review on the National Housing and Homelessness Agreement (NHHA) has found the Agreement to be ‘ineffective’ and that there should be focus on ‘improving the affordability of the private rental market and the targeting of housing assistance’. As such, the Commission considers that the NHHA ‘should be expanded to include all government-provided housing assistance including Commonwealth Rent Assistance and first home buyer assistance.’ This finding, together with many of the recommendations in the report, is consistent with AHURI’s submission and advice to the review. 

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news 15th September 2022

Does building high-quality housing make older properties more affordable?

Filtering is a process whereby the building of new, higher quality dwellings for higher- and middle income households may result in additional supply of dwellings for lower-income households. Theoretically, as properties age and their perceived quality drops, over time they trickle down through successively lower market segments, ultimately becoming a supply of ‘naturally occurring affordable housing’.

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