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news 24th August 2022

Government policies can help developers deliver new housing supply

In order to sustainably stimulate housing supply government needs to understand how the development industry works according to new AHURI research. Private sector housing supply is driven by profit and factors that increase or decrease revenue and costs determine levels of new supply. The current combination of falling dwelling prices (in much of the country) and rising construction costs is the worst possible outcome for new housing supply.

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news 9th August 2022

AHURI review appraises local and international Housing First programs

‘Housing First’ has become a widely adapted and referenced model to address chronic homelessness in many western countries, since its inception in the US in the early 1990s. Now, to understand the success factors and challenges to implement ‘Housing First’ programs, AHURI Professional Services has published the peer-reviewed Housing First: An evidence review of implementation, effectiveness and outcomes which examines the Australian and international literature on Housing First.

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