National Homelessness Conference 2022

National Homelessness Conference 2022

Speaker Presentations


8-10 August 2022, Canberra, ACT

Presentations from the twelfth National Homelessness Conference held at the National Convention Centre Canberra from 8-10 August 2022.

Day One

Plenary Session 1: Are COVID responses the building blocks for a national plan to end homelessness?

Day Two

Plenary Session 2: Ending homelessness for Indigenous Australians

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MC1 Homeless in regional Australia

MC1 Kim Houghton.pdf

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MC1 Adam Liversage.pdf

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MC1 Trudi Ray.pdf

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MC3 The lived experience of not having a home

MC3 Lorna Robinson.pdf

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C1 Developing the homelessness sector workforce

C2 Overcrowding

C3 Technology enhanced homelessness support

C5 Housing First – And now for the hard part……

C5 Beth Fogerty.pdf

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C5 Karyn Walsh V2.pdf

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C5 Michala McMahon_final.pdf

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C6 Youth homelessness in the pandemic age

C6 Rachel Christie.pdf

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C6 Peter McMillan.pdf

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Plenary Session 3: International keynote Scotland's ending homelessness together action plan

Day Three

Plenary Session 4: Is the climate crisis an impending homelessness crisis?

C8 Hidden homelessness – unaccompanied children

C9 Homelessness and mental Health

C9 Brenton Chivell.pdf

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C9 Y Le presentaiton.pdf

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C10 Supportive housing after prison

C11 Women experiencing homelessness

C12 Indigenous homelessness – state and territory approaches

C12 AHV & KPMG.pdf

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C12 Tedmanson.pdf

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Plenary Session 5: Unhoused – a game changing media campaign?